Questioning library neutrality essays from progressive librarians

Writing and professional development. CPS has converted the former library into an astro-turf field and basketball courts.

The critlib chats share the supportive, somewhat exploratory sensibility of this type of interest group. And how large of an impact do his incendiary, ill-founded polemics have on the growing community that follows him with near-religious devotion. Certainly it has been seen as a virtue among librarians that we do not allow ourselves to be driven solely by our own viewpoints, but rather strive to make available to library patrons a range of information sources covering a variety of opinions and ideas.

Tired and skeptical of George W. Therefore, it is impossible for the librarian to remain neutral in every sense of the word. Mapping a plurality of the good.

Along with open access media, self-directed community centers can allow people to activate knowledge to transform their everyday lives.

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What other Twitter chats do you enjoy participating in. It gives me a forum for questioning the purposes and procedures of what we do in libraries and archives. Beyond reading skills, librarians promote digital information literacy and facilitate more self-directed learning experiences.

Remaining "neutral" would simply mean that the librarian chooses the status quo, and to side with the privileged and powerful.

With an unerring eye for greed, hypocrisy, and corruption, Michael Moore takes on the whole ugly mess of America at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

Fostering critical reflection in adulthood: Jun 29, Michelle America rated it it was amazing Finally got around to reading this.

How, they ask, does Moore pull off a proletarian, "man-of-the-people" image so at odds with his lifestyle as a fabulously wealthy Manhattanite.

Public Libraries and Knowledge Politics

Despite being 10 years old and some of the articles included being 20 years oldthis book is still relevant to librarians everywhere. A positivist epistemology and a politics of outformation.

This reorganization of library labor within the schools points to the pernicious effects of austerity management and neoliberal policy on public education.

The district had other plans: I spend an hour or so on Twitter. How professionals think in action. This was quite an interesting read. Jul 01, Camille rated it it was amazing Excellent book of essays from the "Progressive Librarian".

Are there other resources—blog posts, books, whatever—on critical librarianship you think other library school students should know about. In "The Professional is Political," Shiraz Durrani and Elizabeth Smallwood examine the library within a global context, then narrow their focus to innovative practices in public libraries in Britain, providing a concrete example of a needs-based youth advocacy program.

Librarians need to take part in de-neutralizing themselves in their libraries, so that all patrons are welcome and all feel inherently part of their community.

Instructional literacy for library educators. In his new book, Michael Vavrus helps readers better understand why issues of diversity and difference are so highly contested in the United States and across the globe.

A radical publishing collective: the Journal of Radical Librarianship

Vavrus incorporates specific education examples throughout the text to examine six contested areas:. Progressive librarians have a history of turning a critical eye towards the concept of “library neutrality.” “The Professional is Political: Redefining the Social Role of Public Libraries,” in A.

Lewis (Ed.), Questioning Library Neutrality: Essays from Progressive Librarian (). Further information can also be found on the. Questioning library neutrality: essays from Progressive librarian (eBook, [University of Alberta Libraries] Find this Pin and more on MY PROFESSIONAL READING LIST by Wynn Scoggins.

New book: Informed Agitation. Advancing the conversation: next steps for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer (LGBTQ) health sciences librarianship In recent years, librarians in various sectors have been moving forward a conversation on the distinct information needs and information-seeking behavior of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer (LGBTQ) patrons and.

verbal and written advocacy for libraries, librarians, other library workers and library services. 1D.

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Demonstrate effective communication techniques (verbal and written) used to analyze complex problems. Libraries and the State: A Discussion of Complicity and Dual Power. In SeptemberThe Guardian ran a story titled “Borrowed Time: US library to enforce jail sentences for overdue books.

Questioning Library Neutrality: Essays from Progressive Librarian These essays from the journal of the Progressive Librarians Guild discuss whether librarianship can ever be neutral, as well as what we should aim for if neutrality is merely a myth.

Questioning library neutrality essays from progressive librarians
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