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What is the role of the chorus in the play. What are the various character traits attributed to King Pentheus: The entire section is words. Discuss the role of the minor characters, the Herald and the Watchman, in both the plot and the themes of the play.

What other evidence in the play justifies her indecision at this moment, and, conversely, what demonstrates a fixed resolve throughout. Phaedra only serves as a pawn to get revenge on Hippolytus. How are life and death figured as extensions of exile.

He does care how Artemis reacts, however, because he is hoping to keep her happy so that she may help him out if he should need it. Why should we applaud or condemn her husband's murder. The entire section is words.

Hippolytus protests his innocence, but is unable to tell the truth because he was sworn to secrecy by the nurse. Explain why Hippolytus lives in Troezen. This is directly related to the gods. Hearing this, Phaedra realizes that she is in a horrible situation with no way out. The contrast between these two, as Euripides shows it, however, is not between carnal love and spiritual love, but between uncontrolled passion and artificial restraint.

Classical Mythology

Are we meant to sympathize with Jason at all. As far as what the characters expect from their gods, it varies by person. Are they passive or active characters. How does Euripides handle their characters in order to supply an element of pathos to their deaths.

Is the chorus morally neutral.

Classical Mythology

Later, though, she decides to tell the nurse, and when she finds that the nurse has told Hippolytus, decides that the only logical course of action is to kill herself. Some have looked at The Libation Bearers as a mere linking play that stands between the much longer and more complex Agamemnon and Eumenides.

Analyze the conflict between lust and chastity in the play. Artemis appears as the revealer of truth and the calm reconciler of father and son. At this point, he prays to the gods that he be killed in exile if he is guilty of the death of Phaedra.

As Hippolytus got in his chariot to leave the kingdom, a massive bull charged out of the sea, which frightened the horses. In this essay, I hope to provide answers to how the actions of Hippolytus and Phaedra relate to the gods, whether or not the characters concern themselves with the reaction of the gods to their behavior, what the characters expect from the gods, how the gods treat the humans, and whether or not the gods gain anything from making the humans suffer.

Suggested Essay Topics Does Pentheus have a 'tragic flaw' in his character. Aphrodite is an intense, volatile goddess who does not hesitate to destroy her own devotee, Phaedra, in order to wreak vengeance on Hippolytus, who, she believes, has deeply offended her by his conduct and attitude.

Can Dionysus be called a champion of women. Euripides dramatizes the traditional rivalry in Greek religion between Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Artemis, the goddess of chastity. Artemis did nothing to protect Hippolytus from being killed.

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The contrast between these two, as Euripides shows it, however, is not between carnal love and spiritual love, but between uncontrolled passion and artificial restraint. Phaedra, on the other hand, really is in no position to care much about how the gods react to what she does.

How are life and death figured as extensions of exile. As Medea prepares to send off her children with the crown and dress to Glauce's bed-chambershe wavers five times over whether to proceed in a plan that will end with their deaths.

Exercising her prerogatives as the goddess of love, Aphrodite causes Phaedra to become romantically obsessed with Hippolytus. Suggested Essay Questions How do Aphrodite, Artemis, and Phaedra each contribute to the death of Hippolytus?

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Start Hour Free Trial. Essay on Hippolytus vs. Pentheus - Hippolytus vs. Pentheus When arguing the statement, the character of Pentheus in the Bacchae is portrayed as earning his fate, whereas the character of Hippolytus in the Hippolytus is portrayed as an innocent victim of the god, I must both, agree and disagree with it.

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